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Look for Increased Police Presence During the Super Bowl

Many thousands of Iowans will be watching pro football on TV Sunday and dozens of state troopers will be watching the highways after the big game for drivers who are putting themselves and others at risk. Trooper Paul Gardner, who’s based at the Iowa State Patrol office in Fort Dodge, says they’re planning to project a much more visible presence on the state’s roads than a normal Sunday.

If you plan to watch the game at a local watering hole or at a friend’s house, Gardner says it’s vital that you come up with a plan ahead of time to get yourself home.

Gardner says last year’s Super Bowl Sunday did not bring a significant increase in traffic accidents or deaths in Iowa, and he hopes for a similar result this weekend. Trooper Kevin Krull, who’s based in Spencer, says for the cost of a drunk driving conviction, you could attend the Super Bowl in person.

The key phrase Krull wants everyone to know for this weekend’s festivities is, “Fans don’t let fans drive drunk.”


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