Are you missing your pet? Did you find one roaming around? Have you lost or found an item such as a set of keys or something else? We may be able to help. Call us at 641-585-1073, email us at or fill out the form below and we’ll announce it on air and post it right here.


3/8/18 MISSING: All black female cat, got out on North 7th St in Forest City. Has a front paw that kinda makes her limp. No collar or tags. If you see her please text or call 641-590-6730.

3/13/18 FOUND: Two dogs were found at approximately 1 pm on Tuesday 3/13 south of Leland on Hwy 69. One appears to be a large female Malamute and the other is black and white with brown spots, breed unknown. If these may be your dogs or you know who they belong to, please call 641-590-6532.

3/16/18 FOUND: A female black lab with no collar was found on Friday 3/16 afternoon outside of Crystal Lake near  8-mile. If this is your dog, please call 641-590-7234

3/20/18 MISSING: A neutered male orange tabby cat got out of the house on Sunday near the A & W in Forest City. If you have seen this cat, please call 319-430-0554 or 641-585-1601

3/21/18 FOUND: A black and white dog with a white patch over right eye was found yesterday 3/20 near the hog confinement on 290th outside of Crystal Lake. If this is your dog, please call 641-251-1349