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Travel by Air May Just Be a Little Easier

The holiday travel season is getting underway with some new technology in use at Iowa’s two largest airports. TSA regional spokesperson, Jessica Mayle, says one thing that hasn’t changed is the advice that you get to the airport early.

New computer CT bag scanners at the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids airports make it easier to go through security.

She says the process for sending items through the new machines is different as well.

The two airports are also using facial recognition technology to check ID’s. Mayle says Iowa’s new mobile ID’s are accepted.

Mayle says the technology across the country can vary, so you should be prepared to follow whatever instructions you are given by TSA once you get to the airport. The TSA has a list of prohibited items on their website you can check before heading out. Mayle says many people still forget about the limits on liquids.

Mayle says take time before you approach the checkpoint to make sure you don’t have those items and it will keep the lines moving and make everyone happy. Today and Sunday are expected to be the busiest days for the Thanksgiving air travel period.


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