Worth County Fair Preparations in Full Swing

Warmer weather is indicative of summer activities including fairs. The Worth County Fair is one of the earliest of the area county fairs as it takes place in mid-June. Animal weigh-ins have already taken place and unlike recent fairs, almost everything will be in person instead of virtual according to Worth County ISU Extension Specialist Dennis Guth.

This online poultry demonstration is nothing new to Worth County Fair organizers. It is actually something they are used to and have planned before.

When the pandemic struck two years ago, the Worth County Fair Board had to figure out a way to give exhibitors a chance to show their livestock, poultry, and static projects. The online exhibition programs were devised and became successful. It gave the organizers another medium to use in case some like a bird flu or contagious livestock virus came about. Johnson stated the process is a simple one.

Johnson believes that the poultry exhibition will happen the week after the fair is complete. This will make it easier on participants to be a home on their laptops and not away from the fair events.

This is not the only change in scheduling for the Worth County Fair.

All other events should remain on the same schedule as in years past.




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