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Britt Sets Ordinance on Merchants During RAGBRAI

RAGBRAI will fall on July 27th and Britt is in its path as a pass by and retooling site. Cyclists will be on a 100-mile trek that day often referred to as a Century Ride. Participants will be able to briefly stop in Britt to retool their bikes, grab some food, and take in the Hancock County District Fair activities.

While there, they may encounter some merchants who will be selling everything from water to souvenirs. The Britt City Council has decided to make sure these vendors are legitimate according to Mayor Ryan Arndorfer.

According to Arndorfer, businesses already licensed in Britt will be able to sell their merchandise too.

Established Britt businesses were the major concern in passing the ordinance. It becomes a means of protection for them and not having anyone just set up shop in town or along the route during the event.

Portions of the ride will involve riding on Highway 18 from the west. Organizers want this portion of the ride to go smoothly according to Arndorfer.

The Hancock County District Fair will also be in town that day which means that the city will be inundated with visitors both from the fair and from RAGBRAI.

The city is taking every measure to make sure that visitors and residents can get around Britt safely and quickly without complications.




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