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Wright County Board of Supervisors Meeting 4/1/24 (LIVE)

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The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet today beginning at 9:30am. You can view the meeting live by clicking the highlighted link above. The proposed agenda is as follows:

1. Convene meeting at 9:30 a.m.
2. Approve tentative agenda.
3. Approve minutes of last meeting.
4. Approve claims for payment.
5. Open forum for public input.
6. Hold the canvass of votes for the Special Election held on March 26, 2024 for the City of Eagle Grove to fill a vacancy in the Ward #2 council position.
7. Set the Wright County Budget hearing for Fiscal year 2024-2025.
8. Jeremy Abbas, Planning and Zoning Coordinator
a. Hold second reading of Ordinance #67 an amendment to Ordinance #64 changing a parcel of land from agriculture to commercial/industrial.
9. Review and act on Resolution 2024-13 adding additional projects to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) fund.
10. Adam Clemons, Wright County Engineer.
a. Consider funding agreement for Project No.: HDP-C099(103)–6B-99 Voss Pit Bridge on C70
b. Secondary Roads Update
11. Old Business.
12. New Business.
13. Update on meetings.


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