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Wright County Board of Supervisors 2/20/24 (LIVE)

The Supervisor meeting will be held on Zoom Web/teleconference and in person:
Past meeting may be viewed online at:

1. Convene meeting at 9:00 a.m.
2. Approve tentative agenda.
3. Approve minutes of last meeting.
4. Approve claims for payment.
5. Open forum for public input.
6. Review and act on the Oakridge Liquor License application.
7. Appoint Jeremiah Feltz to be Wall Lake Township Trustee for a term to end 12/31/2024
8. 9:15 a.m. Brittany Rice with Community and Family Resource to present the Problem
Gambling Awareness Month proclamation.
9. Adam Clemons, Wright County Engineer.
a. Secondary Roads update
10. Review the notice of public hearing on the proposed property tax levy and set date for
the hearing possibly for April 1st or the 8th.
11. Courtney Morris, Drainage Administrator
1. Give update and show the interactive transfer book and interactive survey book.
2. Give update on how to sign up for the unofficial electronic (e-mail) notices for
drainage work.
3. Hold discussion and possible action on Drainage Ditch drone flying
4. Discuss implementing permit applications for other utilities.
12. Old Business.
13. New Business.
14. Update on meetings.


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