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Hancock County Hears Optimism for Drainage Districts

Railroads Could Face 100% Accountability; Requirement Threshold for Hiring Engineer Increased Again

John Torbert, Executive Director of the Iowa Drainage District Association

John Torbert of the Iowa Drainage District Association presented an annual update to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors on Monday with two big points of optimism for drainage districts.

The first is a bill (HF714) that would again hold railroads accountable for 100 percent of the cost of interrupted or damaged drainage district tile, Torbert explains.


The bill has been passed by both the Iowa House and Senate; and is currently awaiting signature by Governor Kim Reynolds.

Torbert also talked about the requirements for when the county would need to hire an engineer for a drainage district repair.  After raising the amount from $50,000 to $139,000 a few years ago, referencing the competitive bid threshold set by the Iowa Department of Transportation, Torbert says that number has increased again.



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