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Wright County Hires Law Firm Concerning Carbon Pipeline

Wright County is joining a growing list of counties who are looking to have legal representation in the matter of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines in construction and review of Ordinances, Permits, and Regulations.

Wright County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dean Kluss took action recently to begin the process of making sure the people of Wright County were represented at any state government meetings concerning the pipeline.

The matter is complicated by the fact that Gold Eagle Cooperative, who has signed on to have their carbon piped through the proposed pipeline, wanted the board to reconsider having legal representation.

Sabrina with Summit Carbon Solutions also encouraged the board to not seek representation.

Kluss took issue that the people of Wright County should be represented.

Summit Carbon Solutions representatives cited a study concerning dispersion of carbon from a pipeline leak. Kluss acknowledged the study but still cited how much pipeline was involved in some locations and the volume of asphyxiant carbon that could potentially be released upon residents in Wright County from a pipeline break.

The Wright County Board agreed that the people of the county should have representation at meetings concerning the proposed pipeline at the Iowa Utilities Board. They moved to have an attorney represent the county during these proceedings.







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