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Area Property Levies Affected by Legislative Study Bills

Recent activity in the Iowa Legislature revolving around property taxes and levies have some local city and county officials concerned. Legislators say they have been hearing from constituents that the taxes are too high, and more levies are being put in place that are driving the overall local government tax bill higher.

Some of these levies are for services the county or the city want or need to provide for such as emergency medical services. Costs for these services continue to go up for various reasons.

The legislature is trying to set limits on taxes and levies much to the consternation of local government entities who have to try and keep pace with the expenses. Some at the county and city level accuse the state of taking away local control.

State Representative Henry Stone disagrees.

Several legislators have been hearing from county supervisors and city administrators that the state should not interfere with local control. Both Winnebago County Supervisors Bill Jensvold and Terry Durby have addressed the issue with Stone and others. However, Stone noted that in the end, taxpayers are the ultimate voice and that all levels of government have to respect that.

State Senator Dave Rowley laid out his reasons for setting limits on property taxes.

Rowley explained that the measures in question were in study bill form, in other words they are measures which the legislature examines, gives feedback, and formulates actual bills for passage. Rowley hopes that the final measures will promote economic growth which is also a major concern for area officials.





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