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Forest City Council Meeting (LIVE)

(Click on the link above to go live to the Forest City council meeting).

The Forest City Council will meet tonight beginning at 7pm. The meeting will cover approval of the consent agenda which includes liquor licenses, the YMCA license, and the Tax Increment Financing rebate for the Cobblestone Inn and Suites.

The council will address the bridge engineering and other aspects of the Bear Creek Golf Course with V & K Engineering. The council will also address the purchase of new equipment not to exceed $230,000 for the golf course along with some facility improvements.

This will be followed by the approval of a Department of Transportation agreement for the Highway 69 Detour. The railroad crossing at Crystal Lake Road will be resurfaced and redone. The detour extends one mile west of the work being done all the way to the intersection with Highway 69.

The city will also set some new rules for the compost site including limiting its usage to only residents of the city, no garbage dumping, no dumping of root balls or landscaping timbers, and usage of the site is limited to 7am to 9pm each day.


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