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Area Emergency Management Discusses Recent Blizzard Issues

The blizzard that tore through the area for several days left several people stranded on the roads, stores and businesses closed, and questions as to why anyone was out in the weather to begin with.

Roads were shut down in Kossuth County. Plows in Winnebago County parked and waited the worst of the storm out. The track of the storm saw worse conditions in Hancock, Wright, and Humboldt Counties.

Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Manager Andy Buffington did not believe that drivers needed to put emergency services in danger due to their own indiscretions.

During the blizzard, civil authorities issued a rare “Shelter in Place” order asking travelers and local drivers to stay off the roads. Several roads and I-35 were closed, but people still ventured outside. When they became stranded, they called for emergency help. Buffington told the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to expect complaint calls for delayed or non-service responses.

Buffington admitted that this past blizzard was a learning lesson for county road workers and emergency services. He also stated that his staff and road workers would do everything they could to help those in distress.




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