Winnebago County Road Update

The blizzard like conditions continue in the area and in Winnebago County, road crews are working tirelessly to clear the streets. Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders explained that his team will remain out for as long as possible.

The area is currently under a Blizzard Warning until Christmas Eve morning at 6am, then a Wind chill Warning will go into effect until 12pm that day.

Right now, it is estimated that about 1-3 inches fell in the area, but that is only an estimation because winds have made actual measurements impossible. The snow continues to blow around creating limited visibilities sometimes as low as a quarter of a mile.

Meinders cautioned drivers that he may have to pull his crew into the county sheds if the situation becomes worse. Right now, in some of the open areas, it is getting tough.

Officials are warning everyone to not venture out or travel because of the conditions as they are. Winnebago County Sheriff Steve Hepperly emphasized that his department is fighting the same blizzard conditions as everyone else and response times may be slowed because of it.

Meinders also stated that secondary roads may not get serviced today.


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