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Forest City Council Discuss Golf Course Agreement

The Forest City Council is looking into helping the Bear Creek Golf Course with some maintenance issues. The city is proposing to enter into an agreement to help with the operation of the course according to Forest City Administrator Daisy Huffman.

Initially the city proposed the idea of allocating monies to help with the projects on the golf course according to Huffman.

The city and the golf course agreed to a $25,000 amount which would come annually. However, that fell short of some of the major projects which needed to be worked on in the very near future.

Bear Creek Golf Course has been exploring options where they would be able to get financing from a lending company and then the city would help by paying all or part of the annual payment in order to fix the aged irrigation system.

The city and Bear Creek Golf Course will continue to work together to try and find a solution to the maintenance issues on the course.





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