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Black Hills Energy Flips the Switch, Reminds Customers How to Be Ready for Colder Weather with Energy Conservation Efforts

 It’s not every day companies encourage customers to buy less of what they sell, but that’s exactly what Black Hills Energy is doing. As cold weather approaches, Black Hills Energy is ramping up efforts to communicate with customers, sharing tips on how to use less natural gas in their homes, so they can save energy and save money. The company is also reminding customers of available resources to help with energy bills.

Beginning in October – Energy Awareness Month – customers will see a steady stream of practical ideas and information to help them manage their energy use before colder winter temperatures arrive. Outreach will include monthly emails and bill inserts; updates on social media and the company website; and energy-efficiency events and promotions in the Iowa communities that Black Hills Energy serves. Customers will also see more of the company’s Team Ready consumer education campaign, which features a duo – Mike and Maria – sharing helpful energy efficiency tips. The goal of this stepped-up activity is to help customers be ready to manage their energy use before colder winter temperatures arrive.

“Most of our customers use more energy during the cold winter months to keep their homes warm and comfortable,” said Shirley Welte, Black Hills Energy Vice President of Gas Operations for Iowa. “We recognize there are many things impacting our customers’ household budgets, and our goal is to help them use less energy through conservation and energy efficiency projects, so they can better manage their bills or choose options, like budget billing, to help manage energy costs.”

Tips range from easy and inexpensive, like lowering the thermostat by a couple of degrees and closing curtains to keep warm air inside – to more involved projects like insulating the attic or installing weather-stripping around doors and windows to keep out drafts. Black Hills Energy will also spotlight rebates available to help offset the cost of some measures requiring upfront investment, such as a programmable thermostat or a more-efficient furnace.

Customers who need help managing their bills are encouraged to enroll in Budget Billing, a free payment plan that averages the amount owed each month. This budget option supports customers looking to avoid the seasonal increases in bills that result from higher energy use during extreme weather by averaging out their usage over a 12-month period. Customers can also reach out to their local community action agency for information on Iowa energy assistance programs.

Visit for a list of agencies.

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