Family week has started in Iowa for high school activities

A week without any high school activities is underway for the first time in Iowa. Yes, this is the second year of what the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union call ‘family week.’ Though, for the first time, no activities will take place.

Last year, the first dead period occurred while state baseball was happening in Iowa City and Carroll, so it was still an off time for most Iowa’s athletes, but not all of them. This year, the baseball season was moved up a week to allow everyone to enjoy a week without high school commitments.

Like most other coaches, West Hancock basketball coach Jay Hiscocks has worked with his players throughout the summer. Hiscocks says a typical day for a high school athlete starts early in the morning, and if they play baseball and softball – it may not end until late in the evening before waking up and doing it all over again. That’s why Hiscocks is a supporter of the week.

Hiscocks explains thoroughly what the kids and coaches can and cannot do this week.

Hiscocks was asked if this time off could make kids enjoy the freedom and limit the number of kids who return to voluntary workouts for the remainder of the summer.

Hiscocks says West Hancock is redoing the gym floor, allowing the crews uninterrupted access to the facilities this week.



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