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Hancock County May Reinstate Rural Recycling Program

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors are closer to re-establishing a recycling program for the county. The board met on Monday to discuss how to best approach the situation.  Chris LaMont of Midwest Waste explained the kind of recycling bins the county would get.

The county did away with the recycling program because of the excess trash that kept being dumped at the recycling site. LaMont made it clear that his company will closely monitor the situation.

Midwest Waste has a way to monitor if people are throwing away trash instead of or with their recycling according to LaMont.

According to Supervisor Gary Rayhons, the recycling sites will be familiar ones.

Rayhons and many other Hancock County residents want the service to return so that the amount of trash is significantly reduced. Rayhons remains optimistic about reinstating the program.




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