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Wright County Board to Discuss Levies

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9am to hold a budget amendment hearing on the Wright County budget. The action will make various appropriation to departments in the county government.

The board must then consider tax sale statements, delinquencies, and county held tax statements for drainage on the USA Fish and Wildlife Departments which will be presented by Wright County Treasurer Peggy Schluttenhofer.

Wright County secondary Roads Engineer Adam Clemons will offer an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2022 Iowa Department of Transportation Secondary Roads Budget. The board must approve the measure before getting an update on the current state of secondary roads in the county.

Wright County Drainage Clerk Courtney Morris will present several Drainage District levies for board approval. Some of these involve joint districts held with neighboring counties.

Summit Carbon Solutions Representative Kaylee Langrell will give an update on the progress being made with acquisition of land, easements, and right of ways for the pipeline transportation of roughly 8.8 million tons of carbon dioxide from 31 ethanol plants in a five-state region. The pipeline will extend approximately 2,000 miles and runs through Wright County. About 20% of the needed land has been acquired, but area farmers and landowners have allegedly been threatened with eminent domain if they do not comply.

Company officials insist that they came up with what they assumed is fair-market value for every landowner and tacked on an additional 15% onto that on their initial offer. The initial offer also includes crop damages. If it’s agricultural land, first year at 100%, second year at 80%, and third year at 60%.

The board will hear the report by Langrell, but no action is expected to be taken.


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