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Worth Board to Consider Zoning Ordinance

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 8:30am by holding a public hearing on whether to declare Emergency Medical Services an essential service. The question is whether to bring all ambulatory services under a county umbrella. If the supervisors do not hear objections, they will then consider resolution 2022.05.16.01 which authorizes the declaration and sets in motion the need for an appointed advisory committee to explore the viability of the county takeover.

The supervisors will also hear about drainage issues in the county and get an update from Worth County Secondary Roads Engineer Richard Brumm on the condition of secondary roads in the county.

The board must consider the annual Manure Management Plan renewal and either approve or table the measure until next week.

Another issue which affects drainage and other county functions is a County Wide Zoning Ordinance. This measure would include unincorporated areas of Silver Lake, Bristol, Fertile, Grove, Kensett, Lincoln Deer Creek, Barton, and Union Townships and would amend the Worth County Zoning Ordinance to reflect the change. The board wqill hold a 9am public hearing to allow for Worth County residents, particularly those in these unincorporated areas to voice their opinions before the full measure is considered by the board.


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