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Area Planting and Fertilizing is Moving Forward

Fertilizers, macronutrients, and herbicides are more readily available.

Planting for corn is progressing well in the area given that the weather in the last week has been very favorable. Farmers have also been able to get applications down too.
When it comes to fertilizer, of the three primary macronutrients, nitrogen (N) was the most widely used on corn last year. Iowa farmers applied nitrogen to 87% of planted acres at an average rate of 149 pounds per acre per year. This year is no exception, and the supplies are here according to Forest City Farmers Coop Director Randy Broesder.


Macronutrients phosphate (P2O5) and potash (K2O) were applied to roughly half of corn acres, at an average rate of 64 and 89 pounds per acre per year, respectively. The secondary macronutrient, sulfur (S), was applied to 16% of acres planted to corn.

This year, fertilizer supplies are coming in and are readily available.

As far as pesticides are concerned, herbicide active ingredients were applied to 96% of the corn acres planted in Iowa last year. Atrazine was the most widely used pesticide overall applied to 69% of the planted acres. Acetochlor was the active ingredient with the greatest total amount applied in Iowa. Fungicide and insecticide active ingredients were applied last year to 26% and 13% of corn acres planted, respectively.

This year, there is more of a wait and see attitude according to Broesder.

Area farmers continue to work the fields despite the late season start.



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