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Hancock County Board Passes Resolution Objecting to Alliant Energy Rate Increase

Alliant Energy has asked the Iowa Utilities Board to approve a two year phased-in rate increase which will increase the electric bills of residential customers by 13.4%. Small businesses would see an increase of 20%. Large general service customers would see increases between 17.4% to 20%. These are the largest rate increases proposed by any Iowa utility and it is raising concern from area governments both city and county level.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution objecting to the increases because of the burden it would place on residents, businesses, and manufacturers. Supervisor Chairman Gary Rayhons explained their reasoning for this.

According to the U. S. Energy Information Agency, in 2022 MidAmerican Energy Company had the lowest residential costs per kilowatt. Alliant Energy had the third highest residential costs among similar-sized investor-owned utilities in the Midwest.

Rayhons explained that the board did everything within their power to lobby the utilities board to rule against or soften the blow of the rate increase.

Residents and businesses can take similar action and petition the board to rule one way or another.




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