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Forest City Police Ask For Public Help in Funding New Police K-9

The Forest City Police Department is asking for public assistance in the purchase and training of a new police dog. The city currently is without one after Tyler Harmon left to become Police Chief in Britt.

Forest City Police Chief Tom Montgomery explained that the city is turning to the public for help.

The dates and times of some of fund-raising events is yet to be determined. However, Montgomery stated that a new handler has been determined.

Montgomery stated that the dog is a Dutch Shepherd and is a local product.

The K-9 Officer will serve as a drug and protection service dog. He will also assist in locating missing persons such as children who may have gotten lost in wooded or open areas.

The police are lucky to have been able to get the K-9 on the force according to Montgomery.

The police need the assistance of the public in completing the force with a K-9 Unit. The previous police dogs, all of which have retired, have been invaluable in solving cases, locating individuals, and protecting officers. They also will demonstrate their skills at local schools and city events.

Chief Montgomery stated that public help has begun to come in as residents see the importance of the unit to the city.

The dog will go before the Forest City Council very soon to be presented to the Mayor and council.







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