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Forest City to Replace Selected Water Lines

The Forest City Council was made aware of the need to replace several water lines in Forest City. Water and Wastewater Department Supervisor Kevin Reicks explained that there are three different projects that must be done.

The first of these projects is along Riverview Drive. The total cost of the project is $28,500 and according to Reicks will involve several residences.

Reicks has not sought a bid to replace the grass or to seed because there may be too many variables to have to figure in.

A second project will involve four houses around 916 West M Street that services 915, 935, and 945 Hale Lane. This comes at a priced quote of $31,250.

A third project involves the water line on North 9th street between O Street and Halverson Street according to Reicks.

Reicks explained that this particular project has had problems in the past.

Reicks will look at that line but is not expected to replace it for now. This third project is bid at $33,150. Reicks is expecting to get the work done shortly.


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