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Wesley Railroad Crossing Becoming Problematic

Residents in Wesley are becoming more concerned about a railroad crossing on P64 and Old Highway 18. Drivers have approached both the county officials and railroad officials about the problem but those who have registered complaints say the railroad doesn’t do anything about it.

One Wesley resident went before the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors during an open forum to ask the board to do something about it.

Board Chairman Kyle Stecker explained that the county does not work on railroad crossings but Wesley residents still felt the county should take action.

Kossuth County Engineer Doug Miller explained that he has tried to work with the rail line.

The site is not the only one in the area where crossings are in disrepair for drivers. Miller has tried to work with rail lines with little success.

Miller stated that he would try again to reach rail line officials to ask for repairs to be done.



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