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Reynolds Issues Statements on Legislative Passed Measures

Gov. Kim Reynolds issued the following statement in response the Iowa Senate passing SF 2204 involving the foriegn ownership of Iowa land and farms:
“Iowa plays a major role in feeding and fueling the world, and it is important we maintain our dominance as the leading agriculture powerhouse. But as threats of foreign ownership of land adapt, so should our laws. American soil should remain in American hands. I am pleased that the senate has passed my bill providing greater protections for Iowa farmland and increased penalties for foreign owners that don’t comply with our laws.”

Gov. Reynolds also released the following statement in response to the Iowa Senate passing SF 2251 with bipartisan supports. The measure deals with postpartum coverage extensions.

“Building a culture of life in Iowa means getting families off to the right start, but two months of postpartum care isn’t enough. Extending postpartum care to 12 months for women with the greatest need helps them recover from childbirth, access family planning services, manage chronic health issues, and address mental health. For our state to be strong, our families must be strong.”


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