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Winnebago County Board of Supervisors Meeting 2/13/24 (LIVE)

Click this link to go live to the meeting:

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday beginning at 9am. You can view the meeting by clicking the link above.

The proposed meeting agenda is as follows:

1. Consider for approval and agenda.
2. Consider for approval possible action to amend minutes.
3. Consider for approval minutes.
4. Scott Meinders, Engineer will discuss secondary road matters.
5. Consider for approval equipment purchase for the Secondary Road Dept.
6. Consider for approval Resolution authorizing the sale of equipment for the Secondary
Road Department
7. Auditor’s office will discuss drainage matters.
8. Consider for approval Pay Application #4 to Larson Contracting for Public Health
Building Addition.
9. Sheriff Hepperly to discuss, with possible action,stop sign traffic control on Harrison
Street in Thompson
10.Open Forum.
11.Consider for approval Auditor’s transfers.
12.Consider for approval County claims.
13.Consider for approval Payroll claims.
14. Discuss budgets.
15.Clarify Comp board recommendations from last week.
16. Discussion, with possible action, Resolution for Wages.


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