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Hancock County Courthouse Opens New Main Entrance

Hancock County has officially opened the doors to the new glass vestibule addition on the east side of the courthouse in Garner, which will now serve as the main entrance into the building.  The new addition was originally estimated to cost taxpayers $565,000, but due to some issues with asbestos and lighting, the actual amount at this time is unknown.

Recent discussion amongst the Hancock County Board of Supervisors and Maintenance Supervisor Jake Schreur involved signage and getting the foot traffic accustomed to the east side entrance of the courthouse.


Hancock County Supervisor Sis Greiman is requesting that the public use the new east entrance going forward.


In other news Monday, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors also approved the certification of the costs for Hancock County’s 2023 City and School Elections.  The cost to taxpayers is $24,134.90 for the precinct officials, publications, ballots, programming and coding, plus an additional $31.64 for mailing out notices to voters for a West Fork bond issue.


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