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Worth County Board of Supervisors Meeting (LIVE)

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(Click the link above to go to the Worth county Board of Supervisors meeting live).

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 8:30am and you can view the meeting live on

The board will hear from County Engineer Richard Blumm who will discuss the current state of secondary roads in the county. the board will also hear from Arlen Throne, F.A.S.T. Speed Trial, who may request for Airport Roads’ Closure on Founder’s Day.

The board will also discuss drainage issues in the county and address drainage claims. the board will announce who is the winning bidder for the Drainage District 2 project.

The board will also address the Fifth Amendment to the Child Support Staffing Contract Between the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, Child Support Services and the Floyd County who is the Host Political Subdivision.

The board will also consider Resolution 2023-19 which is a Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Amendment.

The board will continue its discussion on the current state of the Emergency Medical Services issue.




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