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Forest City Fire Department Called to a House Fire

Around 1:30 pm Saturday afternoon, the Forest City Fire Department was called to a fire at 536 W. M Street in Forest City. The fire appeared to be contained in the back of the home. Firefighters quickly worked the blaze from the outside and removed the siding to reach any insulation and panels that may be burning. Firefighters used ladders to fight the fire from above. They put out the fire in 20-degree temperatures with 4-degree wind chills.

They also battled the fire from inside the home gaining access from both the front and back doors. Once the fire was out, they vented the smoke using fans placed near the front door.

Three fire trucks and one ambulance were on the scene but there were no reports of injuries. Forest City Police and the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department Deputies were also on the scene. The blaze was quickly contained and fire officials began an investigation  into the cause of the blaze.


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