Wright County Discusses Carbon Pipeline Issues

The Wright County Board of Supervisors were addressed on Monday by representatives from the Carbon Solutions Pipeline Incorporated. The supervisors have routinely heard from the company about updates on easement transfers, construction plans, and general public concerns.

On Monday, members of the public voiced serious concerns they have about the construction of the carbon pipeline through their lands or nearby properties. One of those individuals was Wright County resident Bob Ritter.

However, Ritter found an issue with the way figures were arrived at.

The offer was enticing, however there were other factors that have come to light according to Ritter.

With the new lower yield concerns, recent gas, oil, and carbon pipeline ruptures, serious concerns have developed which residents and local officials feel have not been addressed.

Farmers throughout the area are concerned about the declination of yields in fields where fuel and gases are piped. They also feel that these concerns have not been addressed according to Ritter.

On Saturday, in Duncan, central committees of both the Democratic and Republican parties, along with concerned farmers, residents, educators, city and county officials will gather in the Duncan Hall to discuss these glaring problems. The meeting will be at 10am and is free and open to the public.





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