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Forest City Snow Removal Runs Smoothly

With the recent blizzard over Christmas and subsequent storms that followed, snow removal in Forest City became a common occurrence. Andrew Faber is in charge of the Streets and Sanitation Department, and he admits that his crews have been very busy lately.

The city routinely called for snow events in order to move parked cars off of the city streets in order to clear the snow. Still motorists would find themselves stuck when trying to get home from the weather. According to Faber there were a lot of people behind the scenes that made the clearing of snow easier and efficient.

The city crews will take piled up snow and move it to locations away from city streets and parking lots. These require loaders which according to Faber have seen maintenance issues.

This wasn’t the only issue that faced the Street Department.

The city will continue to maintain the streets and is ready if another storm hits the area.






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