RSVP Requests Funding from the Winnebago County Supervisors

RSVP is a reading program in the area that helps area students with literacy and writing. The program has been very successful. It pairs students with area volunteers willing to work with them on their reading and writing skills. The volunteers are usually retired individuals who donate their time working one on one with the students on communication and comprehension skills involved in both reading and writing.

According to Allison Mason, Director of Volunteer Services at RSVP, there are a number of volunteers willing to help.

The program has been trying to recover after the pandemic which created a problem to meet with students. Since then, RSVP has found a way come back strong.

The program instills another aspect of education that is very important and that is confidence. Students who feel they can keep pace with the rest of their classmates or take on a challenge equal to others assigned by the teacher is vital in a student’s success.

Mason emphasized to the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors, that the county contributions have yielded positive results and that RSVP would ask the county again for $8,000 to continue to fund the program.

The board agreed to take the funding request under consideration.





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