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Hancock County Board to Discuss Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Resolution

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9am by first hearing from Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis on the current state of secondary roads. This will include fall preparations, repairs and projects.

Brian Ritland of Pinnacle will discuss and possibly ask for a consideration waiving the right of appeal for issuance of final construction permit for Summit Pork IV, LLP in section 23, Ellington Township. The board will also discuss and possibly consider a resolution which is an Approval of Waiver of Hancock County’s Right to Appeal Issuance of Final Construction Permit for the Construction of a Confined Animal Feeding Operation by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will ask the board to consider correction to 2022 Drainage Levies for Lateral 4 of Drainage District #43.

The board will also discuss a County Zoning Ordinance for the Purpose of Regulating and Restricting the Use of Land for the Transport of Hazardous Liquid Through a Hazardous Liquid Pipeline. This is in response to the proposed carbon pipeline that is planned for the county.



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