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Forest City Discusses Possible NSB Way Stop Sign

The Forest City Council is debating erecting a stop sign on the north side of NSB Way. At issue is the amount of traffic that travels through the parking lot at the north edge of the street which feeds into a parking lot. That lot also feeds into the Forest City Hy-Vee parking lot.

Forest City Administrator Daisy Huffman explained that the request came from the old Bomgaars facility owner.

The parking lot in the old Bomgaars parking lot is now striped from the store down to nearly the east end of the lot according to Forest City Streets and Sanitation Director Andrew Faber.

City Attorney Steve Bakke spoke up in support of the proposed sign.

Councilman Dan Davis has seen his share of traffic along the small route when he was Police Chief. He understood the reasoning behind Ordinance 830 which orders the sign to be placed.

The city council voted to have a first reading of the ordinance but is asking the public for an opinion which could be submitted via email or by phone at 585-3574. The council will take comment on the matter leading up to the second reading of the ordinance at their next council meeting.







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