Corn LP Celebrates One Billion Gallons of Produced Ethanol

Corn, LP in Goldfield has hit a major milestone in its production of ethanol. According to Chris Boshart the CEO and General Manager of Corn LP, it is a significant step in production.

At full capacity the Corn, LP plant can produce 82,500,000 gallons of denatured ethanol per year. To achieve this, it has taken the skills of a number of highly skilled employees and a lot of dedication by everyone.

The company has taken great lengths to utilize all aspects in processing the corn and leaving no waste.

Boshart stated that Corn, LP has partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions in an effort to curb carbon emissions by pipelining carbon emitted from the plant to the Dakotas to be stored underground.

Boshart sees great future possibilities in ethanol, feed, and corn oil utilizing a smaller carbon footprint.



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