School Supply Price Issues Mounting for Area Parents

Price increases are being felt everywhere. Area residents are seeing increases in food, gas, and basic essentials. Although school begins again in little over a month, parents are also seeing school supply prices on the rise.

For some parents of students, this may become a problem. Lake Mills Elementary School Connor Kim agrees.

For the student, this is now an additional challenge. Having come out of the pandemic and now into increased costs, some students have to go without. Lake Mills Elementary teacher Beth Hanson sees this happen in the classroom.

The Lake Mills Community School District addresses the socio-economic issues with their students in a number of different positive reinforcing ways and Kim believes that it is more than just these programs.

Hanson believes that a child should never feel left out or shunned due to their situation. This is why she takes an active role with the student who needs those supplies.

Both she and Kim believe that no student should feel lesser than their peers in helping them grow and learn.




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