Area Residents Should Look Out for Cranes

The area has been looking out for swan nests which are typically found in cattails on area lakes. Swans have been making a comeback in Iowa after the last swan nest was documented in Belmond back in 1920. These majestic birds have been nesting heavily in Winnebago and Hancock Counties. However, these are not the only birds that the Department of Natural Resources are on the lookout for according to Dave Hoffman.

Greater sandhill cranes left northern Iowa in the late 19th century due to habitat loss and overharvest. As their historic wetland habitats returned and population recovered, the sandhills began to return to northern Iowa and were first documented successfully nesting in the area in 1992.

Hoffman believes that the general public can help the DNR to get a better read on the true population of cranes in the area. He explained that the department is ready to expand their study of area cranes.

According to Hoffman, Sandhill Cranes have been found in the area and are distinctive in color.

An interesting fact is that different breeds of crane migrate to different southern locations.

Those who have found these waterfowl can contact the Iowa DNR North Central Office at (641) 357-3517.



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