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Winnebago Board to Discuss Public Health Building and Remodel

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday beginning at 9am. Those wishing to participate can attend or call in at (641) 591-6903 and enter the participant code: 149935. They can also watch by going to

The board will first hear from Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders on the current state of the secondary roads. He will cover the resurfacing being done throughout the county and any repairs that are necessary.

Meinders will also review a noncompliant entrance permit on A44 in Forest Township. The issue is driveways that may be too close to each other which Meinders will provide the details on.

Winnebago County Public Health Department Building

The board is having to decide whether to move forward with renovations to the current public health building or moving the offices to a newer location. The site being considered already has a building on the property which would provide more room initially, but renovations to the current site would provide even more. The board will meet with Gary Anderson of SA Architects to discuss all options. The renovations would be paid for using money from the American Rescue Plan / COVID Relief funding.

The board will review an amendment to the Child Support Recovery Contract. No specific details were released on the contents of the amendment or how it will affect the recovery of funds.

The board will be asked by the Winnebago County Commissioner of Elections Karla Weiss to canvas the recent primary election results in order to certify them and send them on to the Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate.

Later, on Wednesday, Weiss is inviting the public to attend a precinct audit meeting where the ballot machines will be tested as to their accuracy as a hand count will be done. One precinct will be recounted as required by Secretary of State Paul Pate. That meeting will be at 10am at the county courthouse.


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