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Winnebago Board Invites Residents to EMS Discussion Tonight

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are asking the residents of the county to attend a meeting at the NSB Bank basement meeting room tonight to discuss an extremely important issue. The board is considering making Emergency Medical Services such as ambulances and paramedics, an essential service. To do so, they need to pass a resolution that would declare EMS an essential service and would set in motion a number of possibilities.

Supervisor Terry Durby explained that the meeting is a necessary part of the process.

As far as a complete takeover of the services by the county is concerned, that part is still up in the air. In fact, all possibilities are that way according to Durby. What is known is that there is a dire need to do something.

This may come at a cost to Winnebago County taxpayers. In order to fund an essential service, it may have to come from additional tax dollars or a levy of some sort. Durby cited examples that are working in other counties.

If this essential service does lead to either a levy or additional tax, it will aid not just Forest City, but also Buffalo Center and Lake Mills with their programs too.

Durby encourages all residents to attend the meeting and give their input. The meeting is 6pm tonight in the NSB Bank Meeting Room on Highway 69 in Forest City.




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