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Winnebago Board to Tackle Social Services and Paving Projects

The Winnebago County Board of supervisors will meet on Tuesday beginning at 9am. The first topic of discussion will be what approach to take regarding the social services programs offered by the county. The board officially terminated the 28E Agreement between they, Worth, and Hancock Counties effectively ending the oldest shared county social services group in the state. The group shared an advocate who was based out of Winnebago County. Both Worth and Hancock Counties decided to go in different directions on resourcing social services which left Winnebago County to have to look for an advocate. Local hospitals and social groups were discussed in the last meeting and now, after a week to research possibilities, the board may be set on making a decision.

Last week, Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders presented a bid for $1.6 million to pave County Road 95 between A 16 and R 74. The estimated cost was less than the sole bid for the project. Supervisors asked Meinders to explore other alternatives or table the paving until it can be paired with other paving projects to try and bring down the cost. Meinders will return to the board with costs associated with just patching the road or alternative bids.

The board will also consider approval of a new manure management construction site in the Grant Township Section 27. The board will hold a public hearing beginning at 9:30am to get the opinions of neighbors to the site. The public is invited to attend.

Winnebago County Public Health Department Building

The supervisors will reopen discussion on a request for planning (RFP) for the Public Health Building. The board is using American Rescue Plan Funding to expand the current County Public Health Building in downtown Forest City. More space is required for efficient operation of the facility and the board will hear from engineers about the planning phase.

The board will meet n the Supervisors Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City.


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