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Blood Drive a Success at North Iowa High School

Blood Drive a Success at North Iowa High School

The North Iowa Community High School students should be very proud of the number of donors who came forward to donate blood this week. The event was the North Iowa Lifeserve Blood Center Blood Drive which many area high schools participate in. The final totals were released and show 38 registered to give blood of

Waldorf 2

Waldorf College is Haunted

It is an annual tradition for Forest City and surrounding areas to participate in and it is the Waldorf Haunted House. Every year the program is designed to raise canned goods of food for local food banks. Dr. Robert AuFrance is the instigator of this bone chilling event: Gluttons for punishment can enjoy going through

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Dam Mud Halts Drainage

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors has doubled its bounty on beavers after having troubles with the animals building dams in their drainage districts. Farmers there have already removed a dam built into one drainage ditch and are hoping to catch the beaver before he builds another one. Winnebago County Conservation Board Chairman Robert Schwartz

Silver Boot 1

Occupants of Clear Lake Motel Move Out

Several occupants of a Clear Lake motel are moving out to comply with a court order. Cerro Gordo County sheriff’s deputies watched Tuesday as a handful of people placed furniture and other belongings out of the rooms at the Silver Boot Motel. A deputy went room to room to make sure people were in the

Calliope Duo

Calliope Duo to Perform at Waldorf Artist Series

Waldorf College will host flute and piano pair Calliope Duo as part of their Waldorf Community Artist Series. The performance will be held at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 26 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Forest City, Iowa. Elizabeth McNutt and Shannon Wettstein formed Calliope Duo eleven years ago while pursuing their doctorates in contemporary

Iowa Unemployment Rate Edges up to 4.6 Percent

The unemployment rate in Iowa edged up slightly in September to 4.6 percent from 4.5 percent in August as the state’s labor force grew but the number of workers filing for unemployment also increased. Iowa Workforce Development figures in the monthly report released Tuesday show the state’s total workforce grew by 4,600 to 1.71 million