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Winnebago Supervisors Discuss Nuisance Order

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are dealing with a number of complaints regarding the junk which has allegedly been dumped onto the land of Roger Crews. The board has made numerous requests to have the land cleaned up by Crews.

The board is now looking into taking other stronger actions against Crews to get him to clean up the property. Supervisor Bill Jensvold has noted that the amount of junk has increased.

The board is considering a number of options to go in and clean up the junk. One of these procedures is called an abatement procedure and according to County Attorney Kelsey Beenken, the county could do more than just levy a fine.

Beenken explained that the county could take that course of action and fine Crews for not complying up to the point where the county would go in and clean up everything.

Supervisor Terry Durby stated that the county cannot take any action to clean up the site right now until the proper actions are taken to do so.

Supervisor Susan Smith is hearing from the neighbors of Crews who are demanding something be done. She told the board that they want to see some results. She urged the board to move forward.

The board will move forward with the stronger actions against Crews to have him clean up his property.




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