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Winnebago Board to Discuss Compensation Board Recommendations

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday morning beginning at 9am to consider the approval of the nominations for the Eminent Domain Board.

The supervisors will then hear from Winnebago County Engineer concerning secondary road issues. One of the issues is the approval of a final voucher for a bridge replacement.

Drainage matters will consist of a request by an estate to private tile out of Drainage District 1 Sublet 1 Lateral 2 into Drainage District 3 Sublet 4. The board may also approve a conflict waiver for Ahlers and Cooney on a drainage engineering matter.

The Emergency Medical Services Technical Committee has had their first meeting and the supervisors must review the draft minutes from the meeting for approval.

The supervisors will then take into consideration the recommendations of the Compensation Committee who recommended a cost-of-living adjustment raise for all elected officials. The raise will also be reflected in office staff salaries. The committee meets annually to make these adjustments and to keep the county competitive with other county governments in pay and incentives.

The board will also discuss proposed budgets from the various departments. The board will look at the viability of the budgets and their effect on the overall budget for the county.



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