Be Prepared for the Predicted Upcoming Snowstorm

Forecasters say a snowstorm should arrive by midday today, dumping mostly snow across the area counties. The National Weather Service is predicting between one and four inches of snow by Thursday night for communities from Sheldon and Storm Lake to Mason City and Decorah. In areas where the temperatures hover around freezing, there could be icing. Motorists are warned to be prepared for hazardous roads and to allow extra time for travel.

Hancock and Winnebago County Emergency Manager Andy Buffington warned that if you have to get out and drive in these conditions, have an emergency kit with you in the car.

There are some items that are mandatory when assembling a kit according to Buffington.

A critical element in an emergency is communication. This is where cell phones play an important role.

Having a charger in the car will also ensure that the phone will be fully charged in the event of an emergency.

There are still more items to include that Buffington recommends for the emergency kit.

Buffington also recommends you tell someone where you are going and possibly call them when you have arrived in order to dispel any fears. Regardless of the length of the trip, make sure you know the road conditions. Check road conditions by going to


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