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Worth Supervisors Discuss Possible Forest City EMS Funding Request

The Worth County Supervisors met on Monday morning and discussed the possibility of a funding request coming from the Forest City Emergency Medical Services. The reason is due to the limited number of responses they must make to the western portions of Worth County which are closest to them. Though small in number, the agency must recoup expenses incurred when answering these calls.

The Forest City EMS already will be seeing revenues from new property tax levies and a 1% personal income surtax approved by Winnebago County voters in November. What they will not see is money coming automatically from Worth County for calls responded to there. Worth County Supervisor A. J. Stone explained to the board that a meeting is forthcoming between the agency and the board.

According to Stone, the county will have to deal with funding for their EMS programs when the next budget cycle has begun. The advisory council lost their public measure to have new tax dollars put toward EMS services.

The board will hear from the Forest City EMS service this week, but the amount being requested has not been publicly disclosed.



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