North Iowa Community Schools Go into Lockdown Briefly

On Tuesday afternoon the North Iowa Community School District went into a lockdown in response to a cell phone call, made within the school, to 911.  During the call a general threat was made to students.  The call may have been intended as a prank, but the district and law enforcement took the call seriously.  Students were moved into safe spaces while the investigation took place.
Once the district and law enforcement made the decision that risk had been minimized and it would be safe for students to resume classes, the lockdown ended.   The district stated they continue to take all threats seriously, will investigate, and involve law enforcement for support. Investigation by the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office and school faculty determined this call was made by a juvenile student and there is no ongoing threat to the school or general public. Referral was made to Juvenile Court Services while investigation continues in this matter.
Students may not have been aware of the situation as the district does not provide details when they enter lockdowns.  They have regular drills even when there are no threats for them to be prepared.
The district emphasized that any threat made towards students, staff, or anyone in the district will be taken seriously, and will have appropriate consequences based on the actions.

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