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Grassley on Loans to Farmland Buying Foreigners

For more than 20 years, foreign nationals and non-American-owned companies have been able to borrow money from the federal government to buy farmland here in the U-S, and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says that needs to stop.

Grassley says the practice of allowing people who aren’t permanent residents of the U-S, or foreign-owned companies, to borrow federal tax dollars to buy farmland poses a potential threat to the domestic food supply and a threat to national security.

Grassley says Congress needs to make sure the farm credit system is only supporting American farmers and ranchers, and not subsidizing foreign investors.
While there’s an impasse over energy policy in Congress, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says it won’t be anything serious enough to prevent passage of a continuing resolution to keep the federal government running. Grassley says he’s confident there will -not- be a government shutdown at week’s end.

The federal fiscal year ends Friday, and the continuing resolution would fund the government through mid-December. The bill from Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, would speed up a series of energy project and mandate that federal environmental reviews be done much more frequently.


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