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Wright County Board to Discuss Carbon Pipeline Boring

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday at 9am to discuss property that is right next to the Wright County Public Health Department building. At 9:15am Elaine Kolb will go before the board regarding the possible usage or purchase of her property for use by the health department. The county may look to expand into the Kolb property, so initial discussions may take place.

Litigation matters may require the board to go into a closed session at 9:30am. The board must take into consideration that any disclosures by the board or those who come before it, would prejudice or disadvantage the position of the county in the legal matter regarding a district drainage crossing issue.

The supervisors are taking even more initial steps to prepare for any possible future construction by Summit Carbon Solutions of their proposed pipeline. Concerns have been raised about damaged tiles and drainage lines resulting from the possible construction which has not sat well with county residents. The board on the other hand, is apparently for construction and is taking steps to protect tiles and drainage ditches by having the company bore under them. The board may take action to force the company to do so.

Wright County Engineer Adam Clemons will ask the board to hire Patrol Operators for Belmond and Clarion, then he will discuss equipment pricing for the next two years and give an update on the county secondary roads.


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