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Wright County Board to Discuss Pipeline Construction

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday beginning at 9am to first hear from Jeremy Abbas who is the Assistant to the Wright County Engineer and Nathan McVey who is the Wright County Road Superintendent. They will give an update on the current status of secondary roads along with any current or future projects.

Abbas and McVey will also discuss the Standing Corn Snow Fence policy and whether it should be applied to the upcoming winter season. The policy incentivizes farmers to leave rows of standing cornstalks which will minimize drifts on the road.

The Wright County Sheriff will give the board a review of past events along with the current operational status of his department. His office will ask the board to agree to a 28E sharing agreement where the Sheriff’s Office will patrol and provide law enforcement to the city of Dows.

At 9:30pm, Spencer Peck and Ivan Droesler of ISG incorporated will discuss with the board a resolution for construction of a hazardous liquid or another form of a pipeline, electric transmission line, communications lines, underground service line, or some other similar installation, which would be done on, over, across, or beneath a drainage district infrastructure in the county. Concerns are being raised on how this would be done if a carbon pipeline company were to begin construction in the prescribed areas.

The board will conclude their meeting after a public hearing at 10am concerning a joint drainage district in both Wright and Franklin Counties. District 100-2 has been reviewed by an engineer who will offer his recommendations and pricing to the board. Those who are in the path of this clean up and repair are invited to attend the hearing.


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