North Iowa Outdoors: Chronic Wasting Disease Ambassador Program Set for More Sessions

Iowa State University Extension and the DNR are offering more sessions of a program called Chronic Wasting Disease Ambassadors. ISU Extension’s, Chris Janke, oversees the program.

He says one of the sessions will be in Wayne County.

He says the disease is really complicated and there are some common misconceptions about how to manage it, and what sort of risks that it poses.

He says it helps supplement the wildlife biologists in the state — which can’t cover every county. CWD was first found in wild deer in Iowa in 2013, and it has been found in wild deer in at least 12 counties. Janke says the best way to deal with it is to try to contain it.

He says reducing the spread also reduces its prevalence within a population of deer. Janke says controlling the disease is important for everyone in the state.

If you are interested in taking part, go to the Iowa State Extension website under natural resources and you’ll find a button that says Chronic Wasting Disease ambassadors.


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